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Accurate Folding Solution

The DF850c folds your documents quickly and easily. The system can cross-fold for creating newsletters and other creatively folded documents, making it ideal for offices, churches and schools. This reliable desktop folder produces consistently crisp folds every time, creating a professional appearance for all of your folded media. 

Non-stop productivity

The DF850c Desktop Folder offers a fast, affordable and user-friendly solution for your folding needs. Featuring an ascending/descending counter to ensure non-stop productivity and a 500-sheet feed tray capacity. Complete folding jobs in no time. The patented friction feed system and adjustable paper and feed separator pressure controls allow for processing a wider range of paper stock.

Folding quality you can count on

The DF850c includes skew correction, which aligns your documents so you can depend on consistent, straight, accurate and crisp folds. The detection function checks for miss feeds and paper jams to make sure each job is completed accurately. The test button feature folds two sheets for inspection prior to starting the job, so you can verify that the settings match your job specifications.

Variety of folds

The DF850c can quickly and reliably folds documents like brochures, menus, letters, and invoices. The DF850c is able to perform several types of folds including: single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion, gate, custom, and cross-folding for right angle folds. No matter the job, the DF850c has you covered.

Key Features

  • Folds up to 241 sheets per minute

  • Integrated exit conveyor

  • Ascending and descending counters

  • Interval and batch counting modes

  • Cross-folding

  • Compact design

  • 500 sheet feed tray capacity

  • Test button for inspection

  • Friction feed system

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