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PostBase® mini

Compact Design, Powerful Performance 

Give your small business a boost with FP Mailing Solutions’ PostBase® mini. Our compact, economical postage meter is extremely user-friendly with a full-color touchscreen. Featuring a sleek and modern design, the PostBase mini is both efficient and attractive. 


The full-color touchscreen of the PostBase® mini allows you to navigate your mailroom like your smartphone. The intuitive, icon-driven menu makes operation simple and easy. Additionally, the PostBase® mini is the first USPS® IMI compliant postage meter.

Customize your Style

The integrated 5 lb. scale is available in 5 colors, so you can choose one to go with your company branding or your personal taste. With its attractive design, the PostBase® mini seamlessly fits into any office environment.


Convenient & Professional

The PostBase® mini is designed to be powerful, yet whisper quiet. In fact, it is the quietest machine in its class. The powerful PostBase® mini processes up to 17 letters per minute and postage are available 24/7, allowing you to process your mailing on your schedule.

USPS® IMI Approved Postage Meter

The PostBase® mini is a fully digital, Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI)-compliant postage meter designed to fully meet all USPS® standards and requirements. Equipped with the most up-to-date IMI technology, the PostBase mini includes a full set of USPS® postal rates and automatic downloads to ensure you always have accurate postal rates without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Process up to 17 letters per minute

  • Promote your business with Meter Ads

  • 5 lb. integrated scale available in 5 colors

  • LAN Internet Connection with Wi-Fi option

  • User-friendly Color Touchscreen

  • USPS® IMI-Compliant security

  • Postage available 24/7

  • Long-lasting, high capacity ink cartridge

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