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Accurate Folding Solution

Utilizing durable and patented feed system, the DF870c offers fully automated setups, making it easier and faster to process jobs without any manual adjustments required.

Feeding technology

With a patented friction feed system and adjustable paper and feed separator pressure controls, a wide range of paper stock up to 41 lbs. can be fed with increased accuracy and consistency.

User-friendly control panel

The DF870c has five popular sheet sizes (letter, legal, ledger, 1/2 letter, and 1/2 legal) pre-programmed for quick setup and user convenience. Fold position adjustments are easily done via the control panel. Once the paper size and fold type are entered, the ejection roller automatically moves into position.

Precision folds

The DF870c precisely folds documents such as brochures, menus, letters, and invoices at up to 241 letter-size sheets per minute. Users can select from six of the pre-programmed folds for touch-and-go folding or customize their own for non-standard folds. Cross folding for right-angle folds is also possible.

Key Features

  • Automatic setting of fold plates and stacker roll

  • Folds up to 241 sheets per minute

  • Integrated exit conveyor

  • Ascending and descending counters

  • Cross-folding

  • Compact design

  • 500 sheet feed tray capacity

  • Test button for inspection

  • Friction feed system

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