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FPi 700


Take the stress out of your daily mail processes

Load. Press Start. Done.

Load the paper and envelopes. Press start. Then grab a cup of coffee or tea and when you return, the documents will be folded, inserted and the envelopes will be sealed, stacked and ready to go. 

Powerful Productivity

While other tasks keep you busy, the pile of letters and invoices waiting to be mailed is getting larger. The FPi 700 will feed, fold, insert, and seal up to 1,350 letters per hour. The 5” color touchscreen and intuitive user interface makes the FPi 700 easy to operate. 


The FPi 700 stores jobs, this provides one-touch job recall automating and simplifying mailings. This fully adaptable machine will process a variety of media types including custom document and envelope sizes, perforated and pre-folded paper, large envelopes and more. The FPi 700 also processes fold-only jobs that only require paper folding but not inserting into an envelope. The insert feeder inserts return envelopes and other materials with ease. 

Error-free Processing

The double feed detectors eliminate the possibility that more than one sheet will end up in an envelope and for organizations processing mail by hand, eliminates human error. 

Key Features

  • 5” color touchscreen

  • Double Feed Detection

  • 3 Feeding Stations

  • 15 Job Storage

  • Balanced, high capacity input and output trays

  • Fold-only without inserting option

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