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PostBase insight Auto

The perfect mailing system for your growing business needs

The PostBase® insight Auto is a fully digital, IMI-compliant mailing system that boasts an adjustable touchscreen, intuitive interface and seamless connectivity for postage downloads and software updates. With the PostBase® insight Auto you gain access to postal discounts and complementary software solutions that make the PostBase® insight Auto a smooth operating workhorse for your business.

USPS® IMI-Compliant and up-to-date

The PostBase® insight Auto is equipped with the most up-to-date USPS® Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) technology. The PostBase® insight Auto has been designed to fully meet all USPS® standards and requirements. It comes with a full set of USPS® postal rates so you can be sure you never overpay for postage. Plus, the automatic postal rate downloads capability ensures you always have the most up-to-date postal rates without any hassle. 

Cost Account Tracking

The PostBase® insight Auto includes tracking for up to 200 cost accounts, giving you greater visibility and management of postal spending. The optional cost account printing feature allows you to print the report directly from your postage meter. 

Powerful Efficiency

The PostBase® insight Auto is designed to be powerful and efficient. It can process up to 85 letters per minute with its automatic feeder, making quick work of even your biggest mailings. Additionally, the PostBase® insight Auto is cost effective with two high-capacity ink cartridges, which gives you a lower cost per impression.

Key Features

  • Automatic feeding at up to 85 letters per minute

  • Adjustable touchscreen

  • USPS® IMI-Compliant Security

  • Full set of USPS® postal rates

  • Metered mail discounts

  • Long lasting, high capacity ink cartridges

  • 15 lb. integrated scale

  • Postage available 24/7

  • LAN internet connection with Wi-Fi option

  • Cost Account tracking up to 200 accounts

  • Optional Cost Account printing

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